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Zoom Video Conferencing

Keeping conferencing simple with Zoom Rooms

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At iTkey, we integrate everything over IP. Video conferencing is one of our specialties, and we were recently asked by National Geographic to install two Zoom Rooms as part of the 21st Century Fox global migration to Zoom.

The Zoom Rooms solution

The 21CF Zoom Rooms system is focused on simplicity and value.

For the main boardroom:

  • The “brain” is a Mac Mini, providing off the shelf hardware that is easily support and replaced if needed
  • Control is via an iPad on the wifi network, housed in a LaunchPort charger, removing the need for fixed locations and data cabling
  • Audio and video are from the Logitech GROUP kit, which is a cost-effective solution to add camera, speaker and microphones
  • Two displays are from the LG 55″ UHD 4K Commercial/Hotel range, giving a 3 year warranty without the expensive price tag of some other commercial displays
  • Being a TV network, National Geographic also has the new Foxtel iQ4 UHD set-top-box for subscription and free-to-air TV viewing

Zoom conference room

Zoom conference room equipment

For the huddle room:

  • The Mac Mini and iPad are the brains and control, as per the main boardroom
  • A single wall-mounted Samsung display
  • A smaller Logitech MEETUP system provides all-in-one camera and audio, with external desktop microphone

Zoom huddle room

Zoom huddle room equipment

The soft conferencing revolution

The traditional hardware conferencing systems are facing stiff competition from “soft” solutions. A decade ago, hardware was often the only way to get the consistent image quality desired. But with improvements in video compression, computing power and internet bandwidth, software-only solutions are now just as good.

Soft conferencing also adds a lot more flexibility, allowing smaller BYOD huddle rooms, and the ability to join a conference from your desk, home or airport lounge.

Zoom Video Conferencing laptop

Adding Room Scheduling & Control

21CF choose to keep things simple and didn’t put any room automation or scheduling displays.

However, Zoom Rooms can be integrated with leading control systems, such as Crestron. Whilst Zoom is adding more direct control to their system, we still like the flexibility provided from a dedicated control system. Such systems allow better control of display sources, integration with lighting, and control of audio/speakers.

Room scheduling displays can easily be added, as either wall-mount iPads running the Zoom app, or integrated into Office365, Exchange or Gmail using dedicated displays from Crestron Room Scheduling and others.

At iTkey we have a range of solutions to fit your budget, whether its software-only systems such as Zoom Rooms, traditional showcase boardrooms, or somewhere in between.

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For more information on our wide range of conferencing solutions here.

iTkey is the Integrated Technology division of the OnAir Solutions group. We work with end users, fitout contractors and electrical/AV contractors to provide high quality installations. For more information email sales@itkey.com.au or call us on +61 2 8882 7755.

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