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WorldCast Systems offers a wide range of innovative devices to ensure that your broadcast chain operates efficiently and reliably in the studio, at the transmitter site, on your network, and right through to the reception area.


KYBIO Media (aka WorldCast Manager) is a vendor-agnostic, centralized Monitoring & Control platform empowering businesses with real-time monitoring of their entire ecosystem, no matter how complex. 

This powerful and extensible M&C solution unifies the monitoring of all connected devices across one or multiple sites, and offers a unique combination of modules. Across a single web interface, users benefit from real-time supervision along with multiple management and control modules such as a built-in ticket & incident tracking platform tied to a powerful analytics & reporting engine.

Leveraging its advanced auto-pilot configuration engine, KYBIO Media is the fastest network monitoring solution to deploy. Following the automated scan, KYBIO identifies and starts monitoring all your devices within minutes if not seconds. It can be installed on any physical or virtual host that matches our specifications. It can be run on-premises, in the cloud or in a hybrid environment. 

With KYBIO Media, we help you ensure operational continuity across your end-to-end value chain from media acquisition, production, and distribution in an increasingly digital and IP-environment.​​​​​​


  • Centralized & Unified Web Interface – View the status of your entire operation in one powerful display. All the modules you need are accessible within the same web-client.
  • Vendor-Agnostic Monitoring – Support ANY device from ANY manufacturer, via SNMP, XML-RPC, GPIO *, Serial *(* Additional equipment required) and other protocols
  • Automated Network Scanning & Equipment Discovery – Any connected equipment is identified by network scanning and automatically added to the monitoring pool
  • Dynamic Maps and Multi-level Displays – Toggle between high-level geographic view and macro-level maps (floor plan, digrams or flow charts)
  • Auto-configuration Engine – Saving the pain of the initial system setup and administration by automating the base configuration of the platform
  • Real-time Monitoring & History Tracking – Access to real-time and historical readings and events
  • Alarm & Notification Management – Filter and send notifications by Email, SMS, voice call. In app acknowledgement and tracking
  • Mobile Ready – Web client natively compatible with smartphone devices and mobile browsers
  • Visual Dashboard & Analytics – Powerful data visualizations (statistics, event timeline, etc.) with advanced filtering to enable decision-making at all levels
WorldCast Systems Logo