File Management

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The FileCatalyst platform offers fast file transfers, enabling files of any size or format to be sent at blazing speeds of up to 10 Gbps across global networks. Being immune to packet loss and latency, FileCatalyst solutions achieve transfer speeds hundreds of times faster than FTP while ensuring the reliable and secure delivery of files with sizes into the terabytes. The FileCatalyst software-only approach to file transfer also simplifies international collaboration, quickly sharing big data between cities, countries, and even continents – learn how here.

FileCatalyst Workflow

FileCatalyst Workflow is web portal for all your file transfer needs. It simplifies file exchange and boosts productivity by streamlining submission, distribution, and file sharing workflows on the web. By integrating directly into your corporate infrastructure, FileCatalyst Workflow makes receiving files easy by acting as an online file submission inbox for anyone outside of your network submitting files into your organizational workflows. FileCatalyst Workflow also turns file distribution via email into a simple task by enabling users to securely send files to any email address.

FileCatalyst Direct

FileCatalyst Direct is a suite of client and server applications that enables point to point accelerated file transfers at speeds of up to 10 Gbps. Utilizing the FileCatalyst UDP-based file transfer technology, FileCatalyst Direct is immune to the effects of packet loss and latency on a network. It can quickly deliver files of any size or format between cities, countries, and even continents. FileCatalyst Direct is more than just a tool for fast file transfers over global connections, it also boosts organizational IT efficiency.

FileCatalyst Central

FileCatalyst Central is a web application used to monitor an organization’s entire FileCatalyst deployment. View ongoing transfers in real time, dig into transaction histories, and manage or monitor alarms. Administrators may also stop and start transfer tasks on any connected FileCatalyst HotFolder. Like all FileCatalyst solutions, Central integrates seamlessly with all products in the FileCatalyst suite.


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SI Media is one of the leading providers with decades of experience in the development and deployment of Traffic, Playout Automation, Media Asset Management and NewsRoom solutions for TV Broadcasters. SI Media offers complete solutions starting from Traffic, through Playout Automation, Newsroom Computer System, Newsroom Playout, TV Broadcast Logger, Internet Control, MAM and finishing with MediaStream for TV on the Web.

Media Asset Management

The SI Media Media Asset Management MAM has been designed and developed to be the core of the contents delivery platform. The application suite allows to manage multi-format contents in a deeply integrated and customizable workflow. Our Media Asset Management is the perfect bridge among the different devices that are part of your system, thanks to the SI Media long-time experience in the integration of 3rd party devices and software modules (by now more than 200). With our file-based quality check and transcoder we ensure that video and audio contents which enter the system comply your desired standards and we give the possibility to transcode contents from any to any format, depending on their final destination (video-servers, NLE systems, web and mobile platforms, ftp servers and many others).

Our server applications easily allow to manage a flow integrated with all the most important NLE (Avid Media Composer, GV Edius, Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple FCP) and to configure a hierarchical storage management (for example to retrieve contents from LTO tape-based libraries). The user-friendly Media Asset Management client solution (available also as web-application), ensures the possibility to easily organize and catalog the contents of huge archives, search among them, edit and customize the metadata, use our own proxy-editing engine.