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Bodet time develops a wide range of clocks combining aesthetics and technology

Developed in engineering offices in France. Bodet’s solutions are controlled via a system of time distribution led by master clock wired or wireless network standard DHF. Radio synchronisation ensures accurate display of the time without any variation.

The company is also positioned in the display market with a range of high brightness LED displays used for very diverse applications (petrol prices, retail, finance, industry…).

Indoor LED Clocks

Bodet Style 10D product image

LED digital clocks with a wide viewing angle and a designed case

Bodet STYLE LED clock range can be read extremely quickly and easily thanks to its digital display. This is why this model has become popular in the healthcare, transport and industry sectors.

Bodet have recently revised our range to include a flatter design, new multi-function models and new LED colours.

Outdoor LED Clocks

Bodet HMS timer product image

Large high brightness clocks for outdoor use

Bodet HMS/HMT Indoor or outdoor clocks with high brightness LED for perfect readability. Models available : HMS (Hour Minutes Seconds) & HMT (Hour Minutes Temperature).

Analogue Clocks

Profil are robust analogue clocks designed with accuracy and state of the art technology in mind. Every Bodet clock is designed and manufactured to ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 standards. Our Profil I and Metal clocks are made for indoor use while E models are suitable for outdoor use.

LED Time-Zone Clock

Bodet Time-Zone clock product image

Multi-time zone LED clock for indoor installation

STYLE MONDIALE displays time from 3 to 6 cities, countries or location of your choice with absolute precision incorporating automatic summer/winter changeovers and programmable time differences for all countries in the world.


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