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Converts NTP or IEEE-1588 to IRIG, 10MHz, PPS, DCF77 and serial time telegrams


The SyncBox/N2X operates as an IEEE-1588 multicast slave clock or NTP client in a PTP / NTP network and with its interfaces this converter can synchronize many different systems. Our IEEE-1588 Grandmaster or LANTIME NTP Server, such the LANTIME M600, can be used as a reliable time source.


The Meinberg SyncBox N2X is synchronized by a PTP Grandmaster or by a NTP Server and can be used as a time source for equipment that requires IRIG AM, Freq.Synth/sine, PPO (PPS, PPM, PPH, IRIG DCLS, Cyclic Pulses, Single Shot, Timer, DCF77 Mark, Time Sync, Freq. Synth./TTL, Time Slots) or serial time string for synchronization.

Optionally, the following output configurations are available:

  • 3 x PPO via BNC Out 1 – Out 3
  • 2 x PPO via BNC Out 1 / Out 2 and TC AM Out 3
  • PPO Out 1, Freq. Synth/sine Out 2, TC AM Out 3
  • Instead of three BNC connectors, the SyncBox N2X can also be equipped with three photomos outputs: 3 x PPOs with 2-pin sockets (DFK2).

The configuration and monitoring of the system can be done with our

In order to support network management systems the SyncBox offers an extensive SNMP interface, which can be accessed by SNMP V1. It allows the monitoring of all relevant system parameters (including operating system parameters, network interface statistics, detailed NTP status information as well as the complete system configuration) and can be used to alter the SyncBox configuration via SNMP set commands, too.

The used PTP stack implementation is fully compatible to all IEEE 1588 PTPv2 – systems and supports PTP management messages.

The SyncBox N2X is equipped with a high precision oscillator “”TCXO-LQ”. The oscillator determines the long-term stability in holdover mode, ie when the synchronization with the time source is disturbed. Oscillator update to OCXO-HQ is possible.

Key Features

  • The following output signals are available:
    PPO (PPS, PPM, PPH, TC DCLS, DCF77 Marks)
    10 MHZ
    TC AM
    Frequenz Synth. sine
    serial time string (Meinberg, Uni Erlangen, NMEA)
  • IEEE 1588-2008 (PTP V2) compatible ordinary clock
  • Serial COM port for initial configuration and time telegrams
  • Supported Protocols: IPv4, NTP, PTP / IEEE 1588-2008, DHCP
  • Signal outputs with fiber optical ST connectors available
  • Generates several different modulated (AM) and unmodulated (DCLS) IRIG time code signals
  • 10/100Base-T Ethernet interface – Power over Ethernet option available on request
  • Configuration and montoring with MBGMON

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