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Meinberg Time and Frequency reference products are extremely flexible. With the right configuration, Meinberg is able to solve almost any time and frequency requirement. If you need an individually configured system, please contact iTkey for more information.

LANTIME – NTP Time Server

LANTIME is Meinberg’s family of ready-to-run Network Time Protocol (NTP) server appliances, ideal for synchronizing networks of any size. Choose between several different external references sources such as globally available satellite systems GPS, GLONASS, future planned also Beidou and Galileo, Central European DCF77 and IRIG.

Even if your desired installation location prevents consistent reception of external signals, our highly stable, free running clocks can be deployed to keep your network in sync. Add our NTP synchronized displays to create a fully-featured time and synchronization solution optimized for environments such as control rooms or operation centers.

All Meinberg’s electronic modules and sub-assemblies are manufactured in a company-owned plant in Bad Pyrmont, Germany. Manufacturing procedures are carefully controlled and documented, and include inspection at each phase of production. Our circuit boards are built using our own SMD insertion machines, featuring the latest lead-free soldering technology and highest quality components. All manufactured products undergo 100% burn-in tests, using specially-designed cabinets that monitor and record performance attributes of each assembly. Meinberg’s manufacturing operations are designed to ensure that customer products are built for long-term, fault-free performance.

Comprehensive quality has always been Meinberg’s top priority, and our entire workforce is committed to manufacturing the best products in the industry. Each employee is personally responsible for the quality of their work, and takes this responsibility very seriously. An efficient barcode system tracks our products through each manufacturing step including assembly and testing, and records the date, time and technician handling the expert completion of that step. Our employees are continuously encouraged to contribute their ideas and suggestions for quality improvement in all areas of operations and manufacturing processes. Meinberg’s focus on quality is substantiated by the German regulatory agency DQS, with strict quality compliance validated by the DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 certification audit. Download and review the PDF version of our certificate here:

IMS – Intelligent Modular Synchronization

Meinberg’s IMS Series (Intelligent Modular Synchronization) offers built-in redundancy for synchronization sources, power supplies and cooling in combination with highly modular slot based chassis, which supports hot-swapping and field-expansion capabilities.

The design of our IMS enclosures allows to use up to four power supplies (both AC and DC variants can be mixed and matched), two time code receivers in combination with a signal switch module, a CPU board and up to ten I/O slots.


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