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The Meinberg GPS antenna system allows distances up to 700m between the time server and the antenna. Unlike other competitors, the receiver is not included in the antenna housing and therefore not exposed to harsh environmental conditions (temperature, humidity). By using our new GPS Optical Antenna Link system (GOAL), you can increase the distance to more than 1000m and avoid electrical problems you would have with standard cabling.

Scope of Delivery: GPS Antenna, 20m of cable and all necessary mounting accessories. Other cable lengths and individual system configurations available on request.



GPS Antenna/Converter Unit

The GPS antenna combines a planar antenna and a frequency converter, which translates the high-frequency phase-modulated spread spectrum signal of the GPS system to an intermediate frequency. This way a standard coaxial cable (e.g. RG58) can be used for the connection with the GPS clock and a distance of up to 300 meters (with RG58) or even 700 meters (with a low-loss cable type like RG213) between receiver and antenna is possible without additional amplifier.



Explosion proof active GPS L1-Antenna

Explosion proof active GPS L1-Antenna for areas where hazardous substances may occur.



GPS Antenna Distributor (4-port, external)

GPS Antenna Distributor GPSAV4



GPS Optical Antenna Link

The Meinberg GPS Optical Antenna Link provides a long-distance connection between a Meinberg GPS antenna and a Meinberg GPS receiver using a GI50/125µm or GI62.5/125µm multimode optical fiber.

GPS / Glonass Antenna



GPS / GLONASS Timing Antenna with Integrated Lightning Protection



GPS Converter

The Meinberg GPS converter allows the connection of a GPS L1 antenna (1575.42MHz) of other vendors to a Meinberg GPS receiver which uses an intermediate frequency.

The module doesn’t provide any DC voltage for powering active antennas, the DC voltage has to be applied externally via the 2-pin screw termminal.



Surge Voltage Protector

Attachment plug with replaceable gas discharge tube for coaxial signal interfaces. Connection: N connector female/female. The MBG S-PRO set includes a surge voltage protector (Phoenix CN-UB-280DC-BB) and a mounting bracket.

The surge voltage protector for coaxial lines has to be installed in the antenna line. The shield has to be connected to earth as short as possible. CN-UB-280DC-BB is equipped with two type-N female connectors. It has no dedicated input/output polarity or prefered mounting orientation.



Antenna Switch Unit for all Meinberg’s GPS, GPS/GLONASS L1 and LF Antennas.

The switching unit AMX21/HS is designed for mounting on a DIN rail. The front panel integrates two switches, three LED indicators and three SMA connectors. The integrated power supply is available as an AC (AMX21DAHS) and a DC variant (AMX21DHS).

The antenna/converter units are connected to the switching unit by a 50 Ohm coaxial cable. The output of the switching unit – the chosen antenna signal – is connected to the receiver in the same way. It is possible to connect up to four receivers to one antenna by using an optional antenna diplexer.


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