PTP (IEEE 1588) & Sync

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PTP Source

MEINBERG Grandmaster Clocks supports PTP version 2 and delivers nanosecond time and frequency synchronization for your network environment. Meinberg Grandmaster Clocks not only provides a highly accurate source of synchronization for PTP clients (“slaves” like the PTP270PEX). They additionally introduces the absolute time (“current time of day”) to your PTP networks.


Meinberg M1000 product image

Versatile and Modular Solution for Time and Frequency Synchronization Application in 1U housing

The 1U chassis has two power supply slots, optional two clock module slots, a CPU slot and four (three in case of a second reference clock) slots for additional input and output modules. Adding a second clock module and a second power supply transforms the IMS – M1000 into a fully redundant solution. Both, wide range AC and a 20-72 VDC power supply model can be mixed and matched as required.

Key Features

  • Optimized space usage
  • Synchronization of NTP and SNTP compatible clients
  • Web-based status and configuration interface (Demo), and console-based graphical configuration utility
  • IMS – Intelligent Modular System platform
  • Up to 4 PTP (IEEE 1588-2008) modules
  • Redundant power and receiver option (eg GPS / GLONASS combination)
  • Hot Plug
  • Arbitrary combinations of modules
  • Meinberg’s LANTIME time server is available with a variety of additional output options: IRIG Time Code, frequency synthesizer and programmable pulse outputs illustrate some of the many expansion options for your NTP server
  • Up to 16 additional LAN ports


Meinberg M600 product image

Meinberg LANTIME time servers are used around the world to provide accurate time to networks of any size. The LANTIME M600/MRS/PTP synchronizes all systems that are PTPv2, NTP- or SNTP-compatible. It uses a built-in Meinberg GPS receiver or combined GPS/GLONASS clock and supports a broad range of other reference time sources like 1PPS, 10MHz, IRIG time codes (both DCLS and AM) or upstream NTP servers. The built-in PTP unit can be configured to act either in master or slave mode. Therefore it is possible to use IEEE-1588 PTP as an additional input reference for the MRS engine.

The appliance is a perfect solution to measure and compare the different reference time sources against each other. A highly stable and precise oscillator is capable of bridging interferences or a temporary loss of reception and can also be used as a stable independent time base when operated in free running mode.

Key Features

  • Synchronization of IEEE1588-2008 (PTPv2) compatible clients
  • Supported PTP Profiles:
    – Default E2E IEEE 1588-2008
    – Default P2P IEEE 1588-2008
    – ITU-T G.8265.1 Telekom Profil
    – IEEE C37.238-2011 Power Profil
    – AES67 Media Profile
  • Accepts a large number of sync references: GPS, 1PPS, 10MHz, IRIG (DCLS and AM), PTP and NTP
  • Synchronization of NTP and SNTP compatible clients
  • Web-based status and configuration interface (Demo) and console-based graphical configuration utility
  • Alert-Notification system of status change by Email, WinMail, SNMP or an external connected display
  • Full SNMP v1,v2,v3 support with own SNMP-daemon for status and configuration and SNMP Trap messages
  • USB Port for installing firmware updates, locking frontpanel menu access and backup/restore of configuration and log files
  • Meinberg GPS Antenna/Converter Unit connected with up to 300m of standard coaxial cable RG58
  • Six independent RJ-45 ethernet interfaces 10/100 MBit (incl. 1 x IEEE 1588-2008)

IMS-HPS: PTP Interface

Meinberg IMS-HPS card product image

High Precision Synchronization

The new generation of the Meinberg time stamping unit provides a future-proof platform for your IEEE 1588 / SyncE / Carrier Grade NTP infrastructure. The high-performance dual-core processor, the 1-step master clock and the 1GE interface with SFP slot supports a very large number of PTP clients.

The HPS card for IMS servers offers the ability to support up to 2048 PTP-Clients in Unicast (at 128 Sync/Delay Requests per second). As well as more than 250,000 Delay Requests per second in Multicast or Hybrid mode or more than 400,000 NTP requests per second due to a powerful FPGA-based Packet Generator engine.


PTP Recievers

Meinberg Slave Clock devices simplifies a migration towards PTP/IEEE 1588-2008 by providing a wide range of legacy time synchronization outputs. The Slave Clocks are synchronized by a PTP Grandmaster and can be used as a time source for equipment that requires IRIG, PPS, 10MHz or E1 telecom carrier signals.

SyncBox/N2X: Convert NTP or PTP to sync formats

Meinberg N2X Syncbox product image

The SyncBox/N2X operates as an IEEE-1588 multicast slave clock or NTP client in a PTP / NTP network and with its interfaces this converter can synchronize many different systems. Our IEEE-1588 Grandmaster or LANTIME NTP Server, such the LANTIME M600, can be used as a reliable time source.

Key Features

  • The following output signals are available:
    PPO (PPS, PPM, PPH, TC DCLS, DCF77 Marks)
    10 MHZ
    TC AM
    Frequenz Synth. sine
    serial time string (Meinberg, Uni Erlangen, NMEA)
  • IEEE 1588-2008 (PTP V2) compatible ordinary clock
  • Serial COM port for initial configuration and time telegrams
  • Supported Protocols: IPv4, NTP, PTP / IEEE 1588-2008, DHCP
  • Signal outputs with fiber optical ST connectors available
  • Generates several different modulated (AM) and unmodulated (DCLS) IRIG time code signals
  • 10/100Base-T Ethernet interface – Power over Ethernet option available on request
  • Configuration and montoring with Meinberg Device Manager Software “mbgdevman”

PTP270PEX: PCIe receiver card

Meinberg PTP270PEX PCIe card product image

The PTP270PEX provides sub-microsecond accuracy for computers. The card has been designed to add ultra precise time stamping capabilities to your data acquisition and measurement applications. The PCI Express card can be installed in any single lane PCIe slot and offers an impressive selection of time, pulse and frequency outputs.

 Key Features

  • PCI Express Interface
  • IEEE 1588-2008 (PTP V2) compatible ordinary clock
  • Pulse per second and 10 MHz output
  • Memory Mapped I/O time reads for high access rates
  • RS232 interface
  • IRIG-B/AFNOR time code generator
  • Plug and Play
  • Driver software for all popular operating systems


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