Room Automation

From easy room-booking to full lighting control, automation puts you in full control of your facilities. Automate tasks so your users don’t have to jump through hoops to setup meetings. Control the environment so lighting, heating and blinds respond to the time of day, weather and room use. Remotely support room systems so your help-desk isn’t getting endless called away to fix problems in meeting rooms.

iTkey can help with systems from the leaders in automation and control systems.


Crestron Control

Your staff don’t have time to waste setting up meeting rooms – they want to sit down and start collaborating. Creston control solutions wrap complex tasks up into easy controls, with presets for all common scenarios.

  • Control from touch screens, remotes, keypads and apps.
  • Mounting on wall, lectern or table-top.
  • Touch screens can be customised to provide useful feedback, real-time status display, and live streaming video.
  • Additional sensors can adjust to room occupancy and ambient light.
  • A wide range of control options to automate almost any device.


Crestron Fusion

Event & Room Scheduling

Get more done with Crestron Fusion™ intelligent meeting room solutions. This unified system lets users see room availability and reserve on location or online – including integration with your existing scheduling system – and define the perfect environmental setup in advance.

  • Lighting, blinds, AV equipment, and more can be customised when the room is reserved so meetings can start right on time.
  • Create presets and automate events, such as end-of-day shutdown, with minimal effort.
  • The system can monitor room occupancy to automatically turn AV devices on and off throughout the day, maximizing efficiency.
  • Report on room usage and availability.
  • Integration with popular enterprise platforms including Microsoft Exchange.


Clipsal C-Bus

Full control of your lighting environment

With rising energy costs, smart lighting can deliver big savings and a short return-on-investment. C-Bus from Clipsal was one of the first smart products for buildings, and offers a wide range of control options.

  • Adjust lighting to match natural light levels in open areas
  • Switch off lighting in unoccupied rooms
  • Integrate smart control to turn on lights as people move into an area
  • Schedule blinds and shutters to open and close at set times of day or in response to environmental changes
  • Retrofit solutions into existing infrastructure to avoid costly rewiring


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