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GPS and GLONASS Receiver in 19inch modular case and in railmount chassis

Meinberg GPS systems are available in modular 19″ rack mount or rail mount housing, equipped with a wide range of output modules, redundant power supplies or even redundant receivers. Please contact us for a quotation on your specific requirements.

We will design a system configured for your specific time and frequency needs.

Some Available Options Include:

  • Programmable pulse outputs
  • IRIG Time Code; modulated (AM) and unmodulated (TTL, DCLS)
  • Optional LC Display



Redundant GPS-synchronized Time and Frequency Reference

The Meinberg GPS-RDMP is a fully redundant GPS-synchronized time and frequency reference for demanding applications like Digital Broadcasting and Telecommunication Networks. The 1U rackmount chassis integrates two Meinberg GPS Receivers (each with its own oscillator), dual power supplies and an automatic switchover logic and provides frequency and pulse outputs.



GPS Satellite Receiver in rack mount enclosure

GPS-BGT clock appliance in rack mount enclosure for customized time and frequency synchronization systems.



The ready-to-operate GPS systems built up in rackmount slimline modular cases

The ready-to-operate systems GPS-MQ/F4/MP (GPS-MQ/LCD/F4/MP) and GPS/MP (GPS/LCD/MP). Our satellite receiver clock provides extremly precise time as well as pulses and frequency outputs. The clock has been developed for applications where conventional radio controlled clocks cannot meet the increasing requirements in precision and reliability.

High precision available 24/7 around the world is the main feature of this high-quality system which receives its information from the satellites of the Global Positioning System.



Satellite Receiver with integrated power supply for DIN Mounting Rail

The GPS180XHS module is suitable for applications that only need a serial RS232 interface for synchronization.



Satellite Receiver with integrated time code generator (DIN Mounting Rail)

GPS164 Module for synchronization by timecodes, serial telegrams or pulses



GPS signal converter/diplexer (4-port)

The GPSGEN1575 is a rackmount module for reconverting the Meinberg intermediate frequency to the original GPS frequency.


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