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LED Displays

Meinberg supply Large LED Displays optionally available as NTP slave clock. The LED Displays can be configured to operate as free running stand alone clocks, as  reference clocks with an optional integrated DCF77 receiver, or as an NTP Display.

The Bodet Style LED clock range can be read extremely quickly and easily, thanks to its digital display. These clock displays have become popular in the healthcare, transport and industry sectors.

Below is simply a small selection of display clocks available. Please visit the Meinberg and Bodet websites for all available products. Or contact us at iTkey for more information.

Meinberg VP100 Large NTP Display

Meinberg VP100/20NET product image

Large display and NTP slave clock VP100/20 with good visibility and 50mm height LED characters. Text messages can be displayed: fixed, flashing or running characters, programmable via PC.

Key Features

  • NTP Slave Clock
  • 20 mA Interface
  • 50mm LED Display for Time and Date
  • RS232 interface
  • Message Editor for Windows Operating Systems

Meinberg DU35K/DU35S LED Clocks

Meinberg DU35K and DU35S product image

LED Large Displays. DU35K model has three rows for day-of-the-week, date and time. DU35S model has LED circle round the display for showing the seconds.

Key Features

  • Stand Alone Clock (DU35K)
  • 20mA Interface
  • 50mm LED Display for Time and Date
  • RS232 interface
  • Display for external Clock
  • DCF77 Receiver (DU35S Option)
  • Cascadable

Bodet Style 10 Date

Bodet Style 10D product image

The STYLE 10D is an LED wall clock with 10 cm digits displaying hours and minutes. Three display formats are available for the date – MON 21 SEP, 21 09 2015 or 09 21 2015 – plus the option of alternating between two languages.

Ideal for large spaces, such as station concourses.


Analogue Clocks

Bodet Analogue clocks have a contemporary look that blends harmoniously into all environments. Perfect and direct reading of the time. These clocks can be autonomous, radio synchronized, or receiver for wired or wireless DHF system. Bodet’s solutions are controlled via a system of time distribution led by master clock wired or wireless network standard DHF.

  • Dial diameter sizes ranging from 30 to 70cm.
  • Models for indoors or outdoors.

Bodet Profil Range


Extra Slim Round Clock

  • Available in 3 sizes: 30, 40 and 60cm diameter.
  • Models for indoors and outdoors.
  • Four ring colours: white, black, chrome, aluminium. Three types of dial available.
  • Optional supports: wall mounted, double-sided, protective glass, bracket, etc.
  • Analogue clock with hour-minute display.
  • Seconds display and supply according to models.

Bodet Profil TGV Range


Design Analogue Clocks

  • Available in four sizes: 30, 40, 50 and 70cm in diameter.
  • Models for indoor and outdoor.
  • Dark dial with yellow graphics and yellow hands, black casing.
  • Optional supports: wall mounted, double sided, protective glass, led illumination kit, bracket or chain, etc.
  • Analogue clock hour – minute – second display.
  • These clocks were designed in partnership with the French railways’ Bureau of design.
  • Reinforced thermally-moulded casing. (Outdoor version)
  • Lighting by long lasting LED (10 years). (Outdoor version)


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