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eye.solar at construction site

eye.solar wireless security… Who’s watching your site these holidays?

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The Ultimate Wireless Solar Security Camera Solution

The eye.solar 4G security system solves the challenge of protecting remote and temporary sites where fixed infrastructure is not available.

Opportunist burglars take advantage of the holiday season, when work sites are often unattended or running skeleton crews. Most offices and warehouses have some form of security surveillance or CCTV, but for building sites power and data may not be available where the cameras are need.

iTkey helps solve this problem with the launch of eye.solar, in time for the holiday break. An eye.solar security system is like having a security guard on site 24/7 but at a tiny fraction of the cost!


Built for Australia – Solar powered with 4G connectivity

Designed from the ground up for use in the harsh Australian conditions, the eye.solar is your 24/7 all-weather site monitoring solution.

eye.solar remote site

Being solar powered, the eye.solar is ideally suited to locations that do not have a reliable source of power. This makes it attractive to construction sites, agriculture and remote monitoring of infrastructure and property. eye.solar is perfect for temporary sites as it simply needs a secure mounting pole and can be setup and running in hours, and easily moved to the next site.


Relax with remote access

Full control of the eye.solar is via a web login to the cloud, giving access to alarm and camera parameters, and the ability to monitor system performance.

Connection is via the 4G/3G mobile network, meaning no local data connections are required on-site. eye.solar is a low bandwidth solution keeping data usage to a minimum.

Alarm triggering is via the advanced motion detection camera algorithm combined with a infrared. Alarms can issue spoken warnings as well as remote LED floodlight control for night time events as a further deterrent. Instant alarm alerts are sent from the eye.solar to your phone or computer. Alarm recordings are also sent to the cloud, so you always have an offline copy of the event that is safe and available 24/7.

The eye.solar allows for crisp HD live images to be viewed remotely at any time of your sites. A time lapse function can provide for a start to finish HD video of your entire project.

eye.solar security camera product image

Buy or Hire – Contact us today

eye.solar is available now for purchase or short-term and monthly hire. We have a monitoring and data plan so you don’t have to worry about telco contracts and hassle.

Our installers work throughout Sydney and the NSW South Coast, with more areas coming online soon. We also service other areas with a self-install package.

Hurry – with Christmas just around the corner, call us today to get your eye.solar reserved.


About iTkey & eye.solar

The eye.solar is provided by iTkey. We are a technology integrator located in Sydney. Since 2004 we have been providing advanced networked solutions for customers ranging from small business to government organisations.

We specialise in connecting audio, video, security, conferencing, signage and control systems over IP networks. We work with the world’s leading vendors to provide truly integrated solutions.

Our team of staff have experience ranging from system design, to documentation, cabling, installation, programming and long-term support. iTkey can also provide custom control software and web-based user-interfaces for desktop and mobile platforms.


Phone +61 2 8882 7755

Email sales@itkey.com.au

Unit 2, 16 Lexington Drive

Bella Vista NSW 2153

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