R&S®SpycerBox Ultra TL

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Scalability at its best

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Cascadable thanks to its unique SAS interconnection, the modular and scalable storage concept allows you to easily expand capacity and achieve even higher performance as your workflow environment or storage requirements grow.

R&S® SpycerBox Ultra TL provides all the assets of a powerful and compact storage solution in a single unit: The 4U chassis offers reliable and easy-to-maintain nearline storage with maximum density and comes with an extensive configuration tool.

Use with Rohde & Schwarz Spycer to manage your media

Key Facts

  • Central high-performance production storage
  • Supports uncompressed and compressed formats up to 8K
  • Modular storage concept addresses evolving storage demands
  • Powerful combination of storage density and scalability
  • Redundant concept with hot swappable components
  • Low entry-level pricing
  • Extensive monitoring of entire infrastructure
  • Low carbon footprint
  • Available as an SAS, SATA and SSD version
  • SSD version for extreme performance

Features & Benefits

R&S®SpycerBox Ultra TL as ingest storage for R&S®VENICE 2U

  • Record locally in R&S®VENICE 2U and in R&S®SpycerBox Ultra TL with dual destination recording
  • Store up to 12,000 hours of XDCAM HD 50 as ingest backup copy
  • Direct ingest
  • Auto-copy to R&S®SpycerBox Cell when recording is finished
  • Easy to configure with SAN Remo
  • Easy to maintain (SNMP, hot swappable HDD, PSU)

R&S®SpycerBox Ultra TL as nearline for R&S®SpycerBox Cell

  • Easy data movement and scheduler with R&S®Spycer
  • Store up to 12,000 hours of XDCAM HD 50, or up to 75 hours of 4K DPX
  • Direct realtime playout of 4K uncompressed from nearline

R&S®SpycerBox Ultra TL as SAN in post production environments, combined with R&S®CLIPSTER and R&S®Fuze

  • Entry-level solution for nearline and online for 2K uncompressed
  • Store up to 75 hours of 4K DPX, or up to 300 hours of 2K DPX
  • Direct playout of 4K compressed from nearline
  • Easy- to- configure with SAN Remo
  • Easy- to- maintain (SNMP, hot swappable HDD, PSU)


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