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The innovative R&S® Spycer data management software lets you effectively review and manage extremely large volumes of data. Create a transparent network that allows you to view and edit the contents of all connected systems using a wide array of tools.

If handling large volumes of film, video, and CG data is part of your daily workflow, then eliminate the chaos by using R&S® Spycer to automatically provide an overview of the contents in all storage systems and workstations.

Our user-friendly software lets you effortlessly manage all of your content – from film scanners, telecines, cameras, VTRs, edit suites, and CGI. Easily browse and locate RED® files, MXF data or search on removed external hard disks. R&S® Spycer delivers sophisticated features for fast and convenient content control.

Key Facts

  • Gain an overview of your files and metadata
  • Effectively tidy up your SAN or NAS
  • Correct and edit the names of file sequences
  • Edit and amend the metadata in file headers
  • View the content distributed in your facility via an intuitive GUI and eliminate the use of command-line tools
  • Use the unique de-scattering tool to maximize storage performance and efficiently optimize individual, fragmented clips
  • R&S® Spycer high-speed copy algorithms help you avoid nerve-racking process delays
  • Use the R&S® Spycer job scheduler to automate copying, archiving and de-scattering processes
  • Automate proxy generation for preview and offline editing by defining watchfolders

Features & Benefits

  • The scalable R&S® SpycerNet connects individual workstations to build a distributed content management system
  • High-speed copying processes for accelerated Ethernet and 10GigE copying
  • Identical GUIs to simplify file sharing under Windows®, Linux® and Mac OS®
  • Browsing and displaying of single-frame sequences (e.g. JPEG2000, DPX, TIFF, BMP, TGA, CIN, OpenEXR) with the built-in media player
  • Browsing and displaying of container formats (e.g. QuickTime®, AVI, MXF, R3D) and more than 100 video and image formats
  • Visualization of 3D LUTs in a color cube
  • Job scheduler to automate copying, de-scattering and indexing
  • Automatic metadata extraction for watch folder content
  • Saveable searches with metadata parameters (keycode, timecode, resolution, comments, project names, etc.)
  • Editing of file headers to correct embedded metadata (timecode, creator, etc.) for single files or whole sequences
  • Defragmentation and descattering of clips and image sequences

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