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SI Media is one of the leading providers with decades of experience in the development and deployment of Traffic, Playout Automation, Media Asset Management and NewsRoom solutions for TV Broadcasters. SI Media offers complete solutions starting from Traffic, through Playout Automation, Newsroom Computer System, Newsroom Playout, TV Broadcast Logger, Internet Control, MAM and finishing with MediaStream for TV on the Web.

Below is a selection of the solutions that are available from SI Media. Please contact us for more information. Or visit the SI Media website for a full list of their products.

Media Asset Management

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The SI Media Media Asset Management MAM has been designed and developed to be the core of the contents delivery platform. The application suite allows to manage multi-format contents in a deeply integrated and customizable workflow. Our Media Asset Management is the perfect bridge among the different devices that are part of your system, thanks to the SI Media long-time experience in the integration of 3rd party devices and software modules (by now more than 200). With our file-based quality check and transcoder we ensure that video and audio contents which enter the system comply your desired standards and we give the possibility to transcode contents from any to any format, depending on their final destination (video-servers, NLE systems, web and mobile platforms, ftp servers and many others).

Our server applications easily allow to manage a flow integrated with all the most important NLE (Avid Media Composer, GV Edius, Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple FCP) and to configure a hierarchical storage management (for example to retrieve contents from LTO tape-based libraries). The user-friendly Media Asset Management client solution (available also as web-application), ensures the possibility to easily organize and catalog the contents of huge archives, search among them, edit and customize the metadata, use our own proxy-editing engine.

NewsRoom Computer System

SI Media newsroom diagram

SI Media has developed a complete platform composed by several modules for NewsRoom Computer System, with an application to create and manage stories and rundowns, a contribution software for PCR (Program Control Room) and a fully integrated CG’s solution. All these features create a deeply interconnected environment, thanks to the complete integration of SI Media’s NRCS applications with MAM workflow manager. The solution supports MOS protocol whit all levels implemented, giving extreme flexibility to integrate our applications with 3rd party teleprompters, CG’s, Playout Contribution and other devices or software. This allows to configure a comprehensive workflow with all the tools required to have a competitive digital NRCS (acquisitions, editing, stories and rundowns management, CG’s , play out contribution, VOD and Youtube and much more).


Playlist Scheduler – BMS

The SI Media’s Playlist Scheduler – Broadcast Management System has been developed to enable the creation and management of multi-channel daily playlist and advertising playlist. It is possible to plan and schedule both clips and live events coming from any source and set logos, graphics projects, A/V router switching commands and all the secondary events related to the broadcasting automation. Playlist Scheduler – Broadcast Management System gives also the possibility to create the advertising playlist and automatically import it in the daily playlist in an extremely user-friendly interface, that also allows to see the low-res preview of each content in order to mark, cut or check the graphics projects. There are many other tools to manage for example the rights of the programs, to generate reports, analysis and prebilling prints from advertising contracts, to view and print out the As-Run-Log playlist for legal compliance purposes, to set an automatic check of all the errors that are present in a playlist (duration, free space, deleted clips and so on).

SI Media playlist diagram

Broadcast Automation System

SI Media is the leading company in Italy for Broadcast Automation Systems, and in the last few years, other than successfully export the playout automation software abroad, has expanded the range of products with device controller, digital logging, streaming, video on demand and the new censorship module. SI Media’s automation can work indifferently in IT environments, server branded solutions or mixed platforms. The Broadcast Automation System is fully integrated with the other parts of the system (MAM, Traffic, CG) in order to optimize transfers and copies, and in general the time necessary to execute the requests coming from the automation. The backup (available in 1:1, 1:n and clone mode) guarantees the continuity 24/7 in any case of failure. SI Media provides also features to monitor the status of each application and to immediately communicate any issue by sms or e-mail to the operator. The SI Media contribution area is responsible for manual and automatic scheduling of both video signal ingest from VTR, satellite and live feeds and for file ingest from ftp and watch folders. Thanks to SI Media’s versatility, through the application MediaRec it is possible to encode both from a capture card such as AJA LHe+ or Corvid22 to generate SD or HD contents and from a 3rd party Video Server like Harmonic Spectrum, MediaCenter, MediaDeck and ChannelPort , GrassValley K2, XOR-Media MediaClient and MSV, DVS Venice, EVS XS Nano, Harris Nexio, Ross Video Blackstorm and many others. The application ensures the possibility to generate at the same time high quality and low-resolution copy (i.e. proxy) during an ingestion session and remotely control devices as VTRs, Cart Machines or Audio/Video Routers for the automatic assignment of the video source that is going to be recorded. Edit-while-ingest and play-while-ingest allow to save time working on a content on flight, while the ingestion is not finished yet.


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